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Please read the following information on how you can use 800Serviciu's services effectively in the automotive industry.


Automotive dealers and other related companies have long since realized the advantage of using our 800 numbers, whether it is saving the time of staff by providing 24 hour recorded directions, contact information, office hours or weekly specials, quickly transferring calls to the appropriate departments or simply tracking the exact marketing-effectiveness of all inbound calls.

But the greatest benefit is their ability to generate as much as 300-400% more calls on your existing advertising by offering “Free 24 hour recorded information” on consumer tips which drive potential customers to call. For instance, , “how to save money when buying a car”, how to find the best auto repair shop”, “common mistakes first time car buyers make.” The fact is people always want to get informed prior to speaking to a salesmen, resulting in these ads generating more calls than direct confrontational calls.

Once calling and listening to the recorded message, callers can select to directly connect, leave a message or received instant faxed information. Regardless, within the 1st 1/8 of a seconds, our embedded automatic phone capture software captures the time, date, and marketing source, topic of interest and phone number of the caller – even if they hang up without saying a word, have an unlisted number or have caller ID blocking.

Whether you use the 800 number to generate more leads, provide 24 hour verbal and faxed information on your product or service, automatically track the effectiveness of your online and offline advertising efforts or simply help ensure you never lose a lead again, it is the Hottest and best investment you will make, especially since you can get it for less than 1.50 a day. Now for a limited time to celebrate our 20 years in business, we will waive the activation fee and give you 1,000 free nationwide minutes…every month! And to make this deal even more irresistible, we will let you try it with a “30 day money back guarantee!”

Let’s face competition is fierce, and you need an edge. Get your own 800 number embedded with our proprietary technology and use it to generate more calls, distribute calls more efficiently, advertise more effectively, and never lose a valuable lead again!

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