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Please read the following information on how you can use 800Serviciu's services effectively in the direct sales industry.


For the past 20 years, we have introduced our amazing 800 number technology to thousands of direct sales professionals, to increase their sales, reduce their advertising costs and allow them to focus on closing deals…not looking for them. Most quickly learn that there are only so many family and friends to pitch, and they need an inexpensive and efficient way to let the world know of their great product or service.

Our 800 numbers do 80% of that work for you!

Once signing up and selecting your own 800 number from our list, you can begin offering potential clients “Free 24 hour recorded information” on your product or service. Labeling your information this way can generate 300-400% more calls that listing a simple cell phone, because they know the call is free, available day or night, and most importantly it recorded or non-confrontational! After listening, callers can then select to directly connect to you (to any number you want which you can change any time you want), leave you a voice mail message or receive instant faxed information.

In other words, you are saving a great deal of time by providing the perfect presentation to interested parties, 24/7 and do not have to keep repeating it over and over like a parrot to everyone. Those interested can directly connect to you at the touch of a button or received faxed information on your product instantly.

But here’s the best part…within seconds of their call, we can notify you with the time, date, marketing source, topic of interest and phone number of the caller – even if they hang up…even if their number is unlisted… even if they have Caller ID blocking! That’s right it bypasses Caller ID Blocking! You can get this information via instantly via email or SMS to your phone or… login and view it on our integrated contact management system.

This is HUGE because you not only can follow up on every call instantly, at the height of a callers interest, but automatically know what triggered the call. Was it a website, a flyer, a facebook post, something on twitter or a referral from an alliance partner.

You see, thousands of people make a fortune running their own direct sales business, but most have a system in place (such as this) to allow them to focus on closing deals, not spending all their time pitching others or looking for people to pitch….they have automated those processes!

Whether you use the 800 number to generate more direct sales leads, provide 24 hour verbal and faxed information on your particular product or service, recruit other direct sales reps under you, automatically track the effectiveness of your online and offline advertising efforts or simply help ensure you never lose a lead again, it is the Hottest and best investment you will make, especially since you can get it for less than 1.50 a day. Now for a limited time to celebrate our 20 years in business, we will waive the activation fee and give you 1,000 free nationwide minutes…every month! And to make this deal even more irresistible, we will let you try it with a “30 day money back guarantee!”

Let’s face competition is fierce, and you need an edge. Get your own 800 number embedded with our proprietary technology and use it to generate more calls, advertise more effectively, recruit other reps under you, make yourself more available, and most importantly…never lose a valuable lead again!

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